March 10, 2013

Four new Turkish drama series to be broadcasted in Pakistan

By Rabiya Rahman Khan

Four Turkish drama series have been picked up by TV broadcasters in Pakistan and they will be aired soon. The series include Dangerous Beauty, The End, Ezel and Karadayi.

Express Entertainment purchased Dangerous Beauty and The End, Geo TV is set to air Ezel and Urdu 1 opted for Karadayi. The broadcasting rights have been obtained from Eccho Rights, a distribution company having offices in Norway and Hong Kong.

Gary Pudney, the head of Asia at Eccho Rights, said, “Turkish drama is the success story of modern day drama and the titles are selling well globally. It is only natural that the genre would reach Pakistan and it has done so with a bang. Broadcasters in the country have cleared us out and we have sold four dramas recently. We expect this success to continue as their popularity moves further east in Asia. Currently there is no news on when the series will air but with dubbing and subtitling happening now we are hopeful and excited that at least some will hit screens during Ramadan.”

The End
The drama series The End tells the story of Selim and Aylin who are a happy, successful couple based in Istanbul. Selim is a doctor by profession. When Selim leaves for a conference, Aylin’s world is shattered by the news of Selim’s plane crashing without survivors. For support in her grief, she turns to those closest to her, especially Halil, Selim’s brother and her business partner. But when she finds out that Selim never boarded the plane, she is thrust into a world of lies and manipulation. Where is Selim and who can she trust to help her find him? The End is a gripping psychological thriller about a family torn apart by secrets and obsession. The End will be aired on Express Entertainment.

Karadayi is a story of honor, revenge and impossible love. Mahir grows up part of a happy family during the 1970s. His father Nazif is a good man with a strong moral character, who is respected in the neighborhood, except by dishonest and criminal people who dislike him. On the evening before Mahir’s wedding, Nazif is found guilty and sentenced to death for a murder he did not commit. Mahir becomes the head of the family and commits to find the real killer and during his struggle, he sacrifices his own happiness. His quest for justice becomes complicated by an impossible love story involving the judge who holds his father’s fate in her hands. Karadayi will be aired on Urdu 1.

Ezel tells the story of a young man returning from military service is set up by his friends and fiancé and he ends up in prison for ten years. By faking his own death in prison, he manages to escape and finds out the truth. From then on, Ezel is determined to get his revenge, but also to understand why the people he loved did this to him. Ezel is a big success with more than 13 million viewers in Turkey and has been broadcasted to various TV channels in more than 45 countries. Ezel will be aired on Geo TV.

Dangerous Beauty
Dangerous Beauty is compelling drama filled with heartbreak, jealousy and powerful emotions. A family who gets more than they bargained for when they take in their orphaned niece, an irresistible young woman who brings storm clouds to their previously clear skies. This is the story of Ahmet who is the father of two grown sons, Namik and Sait. Ahmet has a brother, Hüsnü with whom he broke off all contact many years ago. One day, Ahmet gets a letter from his brother, who is on his deathbed and asks Ahmet to take care of his daughter, Muazzez. As Hüsnü is a widower, Muazzes will be left alone in the world when he dies. Even worse, Hüsnü was a man with a lot of debts and his daughter becomes homeless soon after his death. After meeting Muazzez, both sons feel an instant attraction to her. The only person who doesn’t like her is Namik’s conservative and controlling wife, Sayeste, who feels overshadowed and ignored beside Muazzez, causing many trials and tribulations within the family. Dangerous Beauty will be aired on Express Entertainment.

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  • DiziCritic

    I have been following Turkish Dizis(series) for quiet some years now and must say that after a long time a Gem of aseries has come out on Turkish Television in the Form of ‘karadayi’ which is a really good show in terms of content,presentation and script.

    The lead couple has a love story which has so much tention its going to literally frustrate you till you scream at your Tv screen.It will be the romance fix for many who follow it. Plus there is a good background story to build enough suspense to make you wait for the next episode, This show has a very deep and poetic flow in its scenes and depends heavily on poetry from famous turkish poets (which it usually uses in its narration in scenes) & if dubbed well then it will definitely pick up ratings.

    The Dialogues are nice,action is there, the lead girl looks like a lady and not a skank (the series is set in the 1070′s era and women were classy then) so the impatient ones who are looking for glamour and sensuality found in Ishqememnu should just accept the fact that not every show sells skin to get good ratings. The show is the biggest hit of the season and currently is at 20th epiosode which is aired every monday. The lead guy is quiet manly,very macho, (for a lack of better word hes quiet sexy) and plays a tough guys role (has a moustache get used to it as its a trademark look for the typical Anti hero type of guys on Turkish Tv) but you will enjoy the show. Hes playing a similar role in Ezel too which is based on ‘mount of monte cristo’ so you will be seeing alot of him in the coming months. He is famous for being the Amitabh bachan of Turkey, (kivance is the Brad pitt while Engin AKyurek is the sharukh khan of Turkey).

    There is already a facebook page ‘karadayi for english speakers’ where you can get the gist of the show and see what it is. Snippets of the series defining scenes are present in english subtitles on the page.

    Have a nice time watching it, if not anything else it will atleast have a loyal fan following whatever the size of that may be, given the show doesnt lose its charm in translation because Urdu1 has the most challenging series of the season and has made some errors in dubbing songs and scenes concerning poetry in its other shows previously.Lets hope this one is another Gem from them :)

  • zainab husnain

    plz kivanc tatilug ka kuney guzey wala drama play kr den plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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